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Commissioned Art & Corporate Commissions

We source or custom make fine art to address the unique needs of businesses and individuals.
Whether you are a business looking for a piece that is pertinent to your brand culture or an individual that wants tangible value from exceptional art. We are able to create something that is fresh, unique and exclusively yours.

A corporate commission will embody the intangible spirit of your organisation in an artwork – establishing a conversation piece that allows people to engage with the business on a whole new level.

The very process of commissioning a corporate work yields insights about the business and hones in on the intrinsic strengths that are often the hardest to define. For this reason we are often called upon for high-level brand development and strategy – building brands from the inside out.
We see it as simply giving form to your ideas with functional art.

Some of our commissioned art clients include:
First National Bank, Deutsche Bank, Dewey and Lebouef, Discovery, Epson, Hollard, Momentum Life, Prudential, PPC Cement and more.

Contact Glyph for customised corporate art commissions.